Narrating WAR

Installation view, ‘Narrating WAR / HABITAT 1’, RECIPROCITIES, curated by Christine Langenauer, 2021, Vantaa Taidemuseo ARTSI, Vaanta, Finland

Other ‘Narrating WAR – Performance Reading’ include:

  • ‘Narrating WAR’, performance installation, New Performance Turku Festival 2020: Mobilities, 2020, curated by Leena Kela, Turku, Finland
  • ‘Narrating WAR – Performance Reading’ during the exhibition ‘Relational Figures’, 2019, Mymmälä2, Helsinki, Finland
  • ‘Narrating WAR’, Experimental Event VI, curated by Anna Jensen and Andrea Coyotzi Borja, 2018, Valimo Hall of Palmgren Conservatory, Pori, Finland
  • ‘Narrating WAR’, Carinarnica – exhibition space at the border of Slovenia and Italy, 2018, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • ‘Narrating WAR’, Performance LAB VII, curated by Vishnu Vardhani, 2018, Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki, Finland
  • ‘Narrating WAR’, To Participate in the Archive, curated by Vidisha Fadescha, 2018, TIFA Working Studios, Pune, India

Narrating WAR – Performance Reading is part of WAR • ROOM • ECHO – Regarding the Pain of Other Cyborgs

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256 Million colours of Violence

Installation view from the exhibition ‘256 Million Colours of Violence’, Myymälä2, 2020, Helsinki, Finland

Other physical exhibitions of this project include:

  • TIFA Working Studios, 2018, Pune, India
  • Mumbai Assembly, 2017, Mumbai India
  • Piramal Art Museum, 2017, Mumbai, India
  • Harkat Studios, 2017, Mumbai, India
  • Third Space, Helsinki, Finland

‘256 Million Colours of Violence’ published as an ongoing participatory survey-based online art project at www.256millioncoloursofviolence.com

Read more about the project here.

Locative map Interface, ‘Central Park Archive’, m-cult mediataidekeskus, Helsinki, Finland, 2020

Central Park Archives is a project that discusses questions of access, while bridging the gap between public spaces and information commons, and is intended as a long-term framework supported by m-cult.

In its first phase of working (prototype), the project exploring practices of collaborative archiving together with communities and residents of Maunula, taking the Central Park and the ecological spaces of Maunula as its ground zero. The project seeks to become a contact zone by gathering curated material, archives, and individual/collective praxis as a form of consolidating existing and situated yet fragmented knowledges.

Ballad of the Lost Utopian Meadow

Installation view, ‘Ballad of the Lost Utopian Meadow’, ONOMA summer exhibitions 2020 ‘Meadow’, curated by Taru Elfving, Fiskars, Finland

Ballad of the Lost Utopian Meadow is an archive of Finnish food. The project extends the metaphorical implications of what a meadow means to Finland within the contexts of ecological conservation, cultural significance, and as a site of contemporary co-existence.