wre ~ Narrating War, Kallio Public Library, Helsinki

wre ~ Narrating War, Kallio Public Library, Helsinki

part of Chimurenga Collective's 'The Pan African Space Station', curated by Ahmed Al-Nawas

A 3 minute excerpt of my radio performance, which was a one hour Performance Reading of Wars from 2000 to 2011, at Kallio Public Library as part of Chimurenga’s Pan African Space Station live radio broadcast.

Originally titled null.void; // a sermon of nothingness and a space odyssey of zero movement and tycho magnetic anomalies, Narrating War is a Transmedia Performance-lecture recitation and Research Project. It comprises a procedural audio soundscape of glitch sounds using static and radio frequencies, and a performance recitation of a comprehensive list of every war, battle, siege, sacking, revolt and revolution, bombing and insurgency spanning 5014 years of human conflict and violence.

performance view, Narrating War, 2016, Kallio Public Library, photo by Jernej Čuček Gerbec

Narrating War is a part of a currently-in-developement project titled WAR • ROOM• ECHO: Regarding the Pain of Other Cyborgs.

For the full one hour radio broadcast of the performance, see The Chimurenga Archives