TRINITY: Godrej Legacy Park Silos

TRINITY: Godrej Legacy Park Silos

Public Project at Godrej One, Mumbai, India

TRINITY is a public art project, commissioned by Godrej Pvt. Ltd., and installed as a permanent work in the Godrej One, Vikhroli premises.

TRINITY: Past, Present, and Future

Artist Statement by Ali Akbar Mehta and Vidha Saumya

An exhibition is always an act of placing artworks and understanding the
importance of engaging with a site and, at the same time producing a polylogue
with other spaces. A place is no fixed thing – it has an episodic history and
takes its particular aspect through an intense immersion.

We recognise the Godrej Complex as a space devoted to natural and technical sciences, and have treated its representation as a live entity, rather than a museum of dead objects – creating contexts that represent different physical, psychological, historical, cultural realms and realities.

Within the three silo(s) are spaces that embody the conditions in which histories, stories, objects and memories find their voices and interlink to present themselves as part of microcosmic memory theatres – unfreezing the associations typically made with the Godrej Complex and stressing its continual transformational evolution.

As artists, a significant part of our own practice has been one of enquiry, research and presentations of artifacts, experiences as well as parallel personal and public histories. We are striving towards legibility, a vocabulary of analog experiences in a digital world – distilled through complex processes – to present a sense of the History, Achievements and Future of Godrej as a corporation, entity and cultural icon.

– Ali Akbar Mehta & Vidha Saumya

Mumbai, 2015

TRINITY: Godrej Legacy Park silos

Godrej ONE, Vikhroli, Mumbai

Installation view: silo 01 PAST, TRINITY: Godrej Legacy Park silos, 2015

Installation view: silo 02 PRESENT, TRINITY: Godrej Legacy Park silos, 2015

Installation view: silo 03 FUTURE, TRINITY: Godrej Legacy Park silos, 2015

Exterior view, TRINITY: Godrej Legacy Park silos, 2015

The Spaces Are Alive

Design Owl, 2016

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