Technologies of Critical Conscientization Technologies of Critical Conscientization

Technologies of Critical Conscientization

Research fellow with Center for Arts, Dsign and Social Research (CAD+SR), Sāo Paolo, BR

Con/Crit/Tec centers the importance of alternative geographies and ontologies of consciousness regarding the digital, informational, and computational. It displaces technics from the laboratories, classrooms, and imaginaries of the Global North toward their everyday reinventions and appropriations taking place everywhere - in the gambiarras, in the antagonistic activism of artists and other communiites, the indigenous, anti-racist, and feminist on/offline technologies of resistance, the transnational human-machine translations, the alternative histories/pasts/presents of technological counter-hegemonies and archives, and other emergent reconfigurations of togetherness with more-than-human digital/technical/informational beings. The convening will remember and formulate technologies that center planetarity and pluriversality, challenging modernity/coloniality and extractivism.

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