SOAK, Illusia SOAK, Illusia

SOAK, Illusia

Kalasatama, Helsinki

To “immerse”

To “penetrate”

To “impregnate”

SOAK is the first edition of the project “Occupation of Decontextualised Spaces for Contemporary Art”, taking place in movement, a fleeting moment.

This project and exhibition are born from an urge and necessity to explore and create new narratives that can challenge the way we conceive the space of art and places for culture.

By exploring the “de-contextualised” we can start formulating critical strategies to create meeting points (encounters) between artistic practices outside the white cube and outside the institution.

To occupy spaces that are noted as strangers: forgotten, or remembered in a blur.

The way that a boat is a machine for exploration, our artistic and curatorial practices inside this boat are very much UNCHARTED.

How does art exist in a space that doesn’t rely on its permanence? How will the memory of art affect this moving machine? Will it affect its route?