What about Infinity


A streak of white light

In the dark recesses of my mind,

Blinded, I hear…

A noise, a thud.

Again, again with every beat

A sound within, A pulse

Blending across

The soft membrane of the body.

Soft music, slightly building

Black, red, pink peach, yellow,

First sensations, warm

Floating and secure,

Separated from myself

By time and space.


The day meets the night,

As the Sun touches the Moon…

And the stars dance around

Amidst psychedelic clouds

Of purple, mauve and gold.

Where am I? What am I doing here?

Cracks, cobwebs and fairy dust

Wires, cables and tape

Ash, rubble and black roses,

Odds and ends, junk –

The leftovers from the yesteryears,

Mementos of a timeless memory

And an age forgotten

Before we became men


We are who we are,

But who are we, we know not

But we are who we are,

The Blind balanced monsters of the Idd

Stitching up the wounds of the soul

I prepare to go at it again

I sit, stand and lie down

I go round and round

Coming back to where I start

Again and again, it’s the same spot

Day by day, and in helpless nights

Watching the clouds pass me by

I think and I think

Wondering how it will all end

And then I think that first I should begin


You sit on your high and mighty throne

Of concrete metal and stone

Unperturbed, unmoved

Wise and confused…

What of us, the lesser beings

The commoners and the fools

Those who seek sustenance

And those who seek nothing at all?

What path leads you?

What path leads to you?

How many questions must be asked

For one answer?

How long is forever?