There is a Light

(A plageurised script with hybrid inserts)

There is a Light –

The light is blue,

But first an instruction:

“Blue is not Blue, Blue is Orange.”

Orange is a contemporary colour

Orange is post apocalyptic.

The traffic sounds are incoherent chaotic

(Music genre: punk rock)

News reading

Alien language of authority

Task Rabbit

Through the rabbit hole

Urgency - tension and diffusion

Scooter sounds

High speed driving sequence,

But on a solar powered scooter,

Preferably yellow.

Lights dim 10% (lighting instructions)

Reaching destination

Digital Revolution

Too late –

Curses in Finnish sound anticlimactic.

News: Intercity blocks taken over –

The Army of the Flying Baby pink Elephants Faction is real

The Fiction is real

(Music genre: News reel muzak)

The International Guerilla forces –

Force International luxury communism

Occupation Unchecked

Check privelidge

Uncheck new forms of resistance


Lights dim 20% (lighting instructions)

Disadvantaged, are the

Needs that the state cannot cater for.

Rejecting a Nationalism model

The Nation is outdated.

Upholding and perpetuating

Nothing but xenophobia and rascism.

Eat the rich

Live broadcast of the devouring.

Live broadcast of the devouring

Industrial complex known as Finland.


Phone call -







Phone call ends.

More bad news?

The cow protectors are lynching the beef-eaters

What is going on?

There is a War

Between those who say there is a war and those who say there isn’t…

It is known.

Lights dim 30% (lighting instructions)

Paper clip to trash the simcard.

Sims don’t need passports


Do you come from a country previously undivided?

Fearing the mob

The tanks enter the University.

We were in love

Leaving in a hurry

The checkpoint

Checkpoint Helsinki

The wildfire began when the factory was shut down



Don’t resent

37% are denied entry, annually.

Statue of Mannerhiem is decapitated

He Killed a lot of people for being a communist

He was a Swedish Guy

Worked in the Russian Army

Became Finnish through liberation –

Aliens take note.

Mannerhiem had a horse

You have a scooter

Exploited and exploiters.

Change can only come through violence

The power that produces a State is violence

There are no safe spaces – only the Ghetto and the Gated Community

Elimination is Brutal

How to justify violence?

What is Reasonable?

What comes after?


The hero’s death or the idiot’s death

Is the same

“Did you live a good life? Enough to base a movie on?"

Lights dim 40% (lighting instructions)

Self organised communities and a

Cool patch on leather jacket uniforms

Sirens sound protest

Merihaka khaki undercover

The gun was kicked out of his hand

The gun is weaponised light

The light is Orange

Orange is toxic

(Music genre: Dark psy Electronica)

Fleeing Finland

Calling the factory

Calling the office

Calling the studio

Calling all post-fordist forms of workspaces

Phone is picked up by a disinterested receptionist

I say, “I quit”.

Gun cocked



White noise



(Music genre: Ambient Dark Club)

Imagine a chase sequence

Tension, Sirens – Basic parameters

(Music genre: Industrial electronica)

Bird sounds

Alien pigeons

Water psychedelics

The drinking fountain Is toxic

tap water is so passé also toxic

Sea side

also toxic

Crossing Hakaniemi

The Hakaniemi double cross

The sigh …

Complex relations to the welfare state

Dumping everything

Travel to somewhere nice, like India

Club venue

More Alien pigeons

Closed corridor

Club music

(Music genre: Dark psy club)

I dont know your name


Names have power –

Military control

Have you eaten yet?

I’m not hungry.

I am your father

Recommend a Restaraunt

“Will there be singing during the dark times?

Yes, there will be singing about the dark times…"

Bertould brecht broke the fourth wall

Where is the Feast we were promised?

(Music genre: Restaraunt muzak)

“I’m sorry, there is only self service here“

Self governing commune

Self responsibility

Self Control

Self regulation

Self censor ship

A Ship of Fools.

Lights dim 50% (lighting instructions)

Peaceful under water

Dams under maintainence

Flood gates unchecked

Zones left unprotected

Battlefield Earth

After the storm, the army was sent in

The army was made of artists and curators.

The goal of the state is to re(in)state

The order was sent by pigeons

A post apocalyptic apartheid,

Class distinctions

Incoming policies are written, nay, injected into the system

Causing the Deep Sleep.

The coma will last till the Empire remains

The Hurricane accelerated the revolution

Hunger games

The gamification of Hunger

Reality is a consensus

We are ruled by TV –

Eyeball economy.

The ‘Utopia’ is a High profile neighbourhood for the rich.

“The art crowd were profiting from the mediation of the conflict."

Lights dim 60% (lighting instructions)

Out of area placement

Starting a movement

We will live online

There is a time when you have to resist the commodification of the resistance

Say no

(Music genre: Restaraunt Muzak) continues

Say no

Say no to pigeons

Say no and electrify the fences

Barricade the Doors

Build the Walls

And put spikes on the facades.

Say no to pigeons

High up

Lights dim 70% (lighting instructions)

The Illusion of life is

Hating the mirror

Ballet is not pink, you

Stupid burgeoise audience

The ballet dancer at the opera

gives condescending orders

Causing misinterpretation of the survival instinct

People with higher level of anxiety suffer from it more.

We are all immortal cyborgs

Cultural memory is stored in massive hardrives

The Archive is on the Cloud

The cloud storage is a stone in Nevada.

The aim of all life is in Death Valley

The aim of all life is death

Tank explosions

Shopping complex in flames

The museum in the mall

Bomb the Fascist monuments

The Bank

The Opera house


Unpaid credit

The Sun is out.

There is no Sun

Behind the solar panels

(Music genre: Saami music)

The lure of commercials

Retail therapy

Buyer’s remorse

The melancholy of forgetting

Projecting desire of luxury communism









(Music genre: Celtic Heavy Metal)

Lights dim 80% (lighting instructions)

Science Fiction 101:

Aliens unite human groups

Huddle to regroup to repell

The outsider

The Invader

The Coloniser The Refugee The other

In all shapes Sizes, and Colour.

Clingy Unattractive Overtly aware. Different now…

Lights dim 90% (lighting instructions)

Imposter syndrome

Invested Hypocrisy

Lifestyle choice

Those who know Know

That there is no Exit plan

There is a Light that never goes out

The End of Civilisation is not the End of the World

The End of the World is not the End of Life

The End of Life is not the End of Civilisation

And then it was said, “Let there be Light.”


Lights dim 100% (lighting instructions)