Soliloquy in Four Parts


There is a churning, a tide

Within and without.

Embrace it, or escape it,

A liminal space – a crossroads of sorts.

Black on charcoal grey wash

Speckled with dull red, white and turquoise.

Gaseous, nebulous, haze whirls around me

Blurring my vision

Continuing to grasp, to grab at something,

The futility of it all makes me smile,

Will write more when I reach somewhere…


I am somewhere, between now and here,

Between two insignificant specks of time

Suspended, it’s difficult to move

Or maybe it’s slow motion,

A defining moment in the grand reel of life

Walking, walking eternally

Down unknown paths and winding ways

The brush is the meat cleaver, the blood is paint

All is lost, all gained

The words are simple, the thoughts complex

Are you following me?


Follow me, little one

The carnival is beginning

Point, counterpoint

Synthesis – we move ahead

A circular line, spiraling

Similar yet never the same

The dichotomy and the balance

Illusions surrounding me

Absolute black turns to blinding white light

The Heroes disappear,

The frayed ends of sanity dissolve.

Such is the fate of the world,

Our feet will always tread on the spit of others.


Thoughts strung together,

A series of images, a thousand words

Multiplying, branching out

Implode in my head

Milestones in eternity

Sprouting from a seed of thought

These thoughts and words and images

Need freedom, from me and themselves,

Taking root and breaking free

The seed becomes the Bodhi tree

Salvation comes as time goes by

I’m following the fool’s path

Are you following me still?