I am not learned, I am not ignorant.

I have wandered

Is my life better than other people’s lives?

I have loved people,

Shortly afterward,

As reason returned to me,

I saw that even on the worst days,

Men went to escape from death, strange beings that they are.

Yet I have met people who have never said to life, “Quiet!”

Can I

Am I

I came

I am not

I lived

I must

I was

Outdoors, I had

This brief scene excited me to the point of delirium

I went to the house but did not enter

All that was real; take note.

I had no enemies.

Once the glass had been removed,

I was asleep!

Even after I recovered,

They gave me a modest position in the institution

Even though my sight had hardly weakened,

Yet something in me quickly stopped wanting.

They said to me

I liked

Behind their backs I saw

I knew

She would

She was

I had

The law

She got

This was one of her games.

Who threw glass in your face?

I had

I had

I had

A story? No. No stories, never again.