Harun II (Ends)

Last words of paragraphs:

– an anticipation.

an art of creating beginnings

One of Harun Farocki’s beginnings:

We can drop it the middle of events.

On July 30th, Harun Farocki died.

It trickles, disseminates, preserves.

glitches of a new technology

a stunning form of consumer-oriented warfare,

How to begin, again?

Reality’s absence stays put.

This beginning takes the form of a statement:

Which roles are valid.

Production holds conflict

It is its most basic form.

Another beginning:

if I am not watching it?

You’re lucky it hasn’t got arse physics or else I would.

Why don’t people eat their browsers instead?

Cinema is now rephrased as architecture

Think of a televised ballet performed by a fantasy military sports brigade.

The technology was too slow to keep up with Farocki’s furious pace.

Stagecraft for reality

Reality would have to begin.

Another of Farocki’s beginnings:

Looks like it might have been just a glitch.

– now generated by images.

Just like the paper airplane, by the way.

Words of the Chairman:

something like a 3D animation.

the point is to generate worlds differently.

The beginner’s spirit day by day.

he is no longer here.

People faint every time it comes down Karl-Mar-Allee.

All of us are now in a position to answer your question:

Does the world exist, if I am not watching it?

reality can finally be brought about.