Harun I (Beginnings)

First Words of paragraphs:

How to begin?

A good beginning

one of Harun Farocki’s beginnings:

We can drop in the middle of events.

How to begin, again?

In 1992,

This beginning takes the form

The Hero is thrown into the world.

One of

Another Beginning

Does the World exist

This beginning is among his last:

in 1992,

These works are building blocks.

There used to be one TV per flat.

Another group of works investigates

In its inception,

Reality would have to begin.

Another of Farocki’s beginnings:

Looks like it might have been just a glitch.

A soldier

Like warfare,

In an interview published

Filmmakers have hitherto only represented

Paradoxically the beginning is also often the last

Today, workers are leaving

I know I am not alone in this.

All of us are now in a position to answer your question:

Does the world exist,

Reality would first have to begin.