Dream I

Cracked mirrors and still waters

A skewed reality, I step within,

Picking up the shards of glass, diamond dust

Turns to rubies with each pinprick

I prefer emeralds, wish I were a Martian

Awash in the rivers of Idd

The wall is breached bit by bit

Through the crack I glimpse

Two hanging horses,

The bamboo chime,

The rusted tin can,

Jade leaves and gold feathers,

A grave tree amidst clouds of fluff,

Falooda skies,

Lit by a street light painted red, in which

A turquoise bulb flickers incessantly

Psychedelic chaos

Bubblegum pink, cerulean blue, lemon yellow,

Rose Gold and white.

Phoenix flying, dying,

Being reborn

A palace of exile, vast, endless

A string of doors and gateways

Endlessly passing through

I reach the beginning

To lose oneself in a world

Of one’s own making

Madmen, genius and fools

Chess games between Morrison and Dali

Or battleships, or kabaddi

Glass palaces can exist

If only in my mind

In worlds of daydreams and sleepless nights

In spells, prayers and enchantments

In quantum theory and microphysics

Mythology and science fiction

These worlds shift, ripple and shimmer

Drip, meander and distort

Flow along from dream to dream,

And I move on.