Immersion 2016 Immersion 2016

Immersion 2016

Former ADD LAB Space, Aalto University, Espoo

Sonic, Spatial, Conceptual, and tectonic Experiments

sense of touch is necessary to integral existence. Mechanical Technology used for extending our borders also made out sensory experience limited through touch. Touch, the haptic sense, is not only contact through the skin but also has much to do with our mind and nervous system. The Greeks had the notion of consensus of a faculty of ‘common sense’ that translated each sense into each other sense, and conferred consciousness of man."

– McLuhan, Marshall Understanding Media, IIT Press.

Note on Documentation:

This Documentation is for record-keeping only – It is not the Work of art. The Work is Temporary and Transient, as is our use of the space. No fixed time will be announced for the performance, but allow for an open-ended organic performance – To last as long as it feels necessary.

Each performance will be unique, keeping in mind a similar flow of sound growth. Pause and silence are as important as sound/noise themselves Performance will also be open to participation by viewers