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OUTSIDERS AR WORK is an archive of interviews. The interviews discover new vocabulary and perspectives through curiosity, courage, and a willingness to share.

*OUTSIDERS AT WORK is founded by Vidha Saumya and Ali Akbar Mehta, in 2019.

Tuike and Simo Alitalo: All Ears are Equal


Tuike and Simo Alitalo are sound artists based in Turku, Finland. Their practice involves sound installations based on field recordings, environmental art, writing, participatory performances as well as communal sound performances and listening walks. Exploring the ways places are heard, their work emerges from the central questions of ‘acoustemology’, i.e. acoustic epistemology, questioning, “What do we experience through sound, listening and other auditive practices? How is our knowledge shaped by the things we hear in our surroundings?” Programs made by Simo Alitalo for Radio Broadcasting now in Yle Arena. “Simo Alitalo (b. 1954) has been one of the key players in the Radio Broadcasting and its predecessor the Radio program, which naturally joined Alitalo’s work as a sound artist. Alitalo’s work is humorous, intellectual, cultural-conscious and sound-oriented, while simultaneously and ironically questions the media itself.” We speak to Tuike and Simo Alitalo to explore together their experiences regarding practice, work, their methods, and their living.

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Abhinit Khanna : Make Memes not War


Abhinit Khanna is an independent arts manager based in Mumbai, India. He provides consulting on creative business development and arts management. As a creative arts manager, he has worked with leaders across industries including art, campaigns, fashion, publishing, sustainability, cultural and social entrepreneurship. For the past 18 months Abhinit Khanna has been vocal and visible through #artworldmemes, where he critiques, reflects and asks pertinent questions through the sharp humour of memes. He has perfected the art of combining observations in the Art World with popular images from the Indian Film Industry’s visual landscape. Through his memes, Abhinit is interested in making the Indian Art Scene accessible, questioning embedded practices of an increasingly hegemonic and capitalist system, made up of the powerful few. His memes bring forth his solidarity with the many voices that comprise the Art World but are given little space. We think that his satire might just be one of the most accurate observations of the Art World today, which nail down the Art World’s problems in just a few words and an image. OUTSIDERS AT WORK speaks to Abhinit Khanna to explore his experiences regarding this practice – persistence, fearlessness and the desire to disassemble seemingly obtuse and complex hierarchies in the Arts.

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Saša Nemec: My Teenage Angst Never Faded, I Am Still Rebelling


Saša Nemec is an independent artist working between Nova Gorica, Slovenia and Helsinki, Finland. Her practice spans between exploration of new technologies and use of age-old techniques – from mending a loose button to creating garments with 3D scanning technology. Since 2017 she has been a part of ‘Collective Intelligence’ with whom she presented projects in Helsinki and Palermo. Their latest project ‘Il Traffico’ was part of ‘Manifesta12 5x5x5 program’. She has continued to organise Repair-a-thons in Finland since 2016, firstly in the scope of Fashion Revolution Finland, then independently. She has collaborated with Designmuseo, Aalto University, Upcycling Design Center and Fashion Colloquium. OUTSIDERS AT WORK met Saša Nemec after the successful completion ‘Pixelache Festival 2019 – Breaking the Fifth Wall’ of which she was one of the artistic directors, to talk about the politics of textiles, Pixelache Festival and repairing for sustainable futures.

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