Abhinit Khanna : Make Memes not War Abhinit Khanna : Make Memes not War

Abhinit Khanna : Make Memes not War


Abhinit Khanna is an independent arts manager based in Mumbai, India. He provides consulting on creative business development and arts management. As a creative arts manager, he has worked with leaders across industries including art, campaigns, fashion, publishing, sustainability, cultural and social entrepreneurship. For the past 18 months Abhinit Khanna has been vocal and visible through #artworldmemes, where he critiques, reflects and asks pertinent questions through the sharp humour of memes. He has perfected the art of combining observations in the Art World with popular images from the Indian Film Industry’s visual landscape. Through his memes, Abhinit is interested in making the Indian Art Scene accessible, questioning embedded practices of an increasingly hegemonic and capitalist system, made up of the powerful few. His memes bring forth his solidarity with the many voices that comprise the Art World but are given little space. We think that his satire might just be one of the most accurate observations of the Art World today, which nail down the Art World’s problems in just a few words and an image. OUTSIDERS AT WORK speaks to Abhinit Khanna to explore his experiences regarding this practice – persistence, fearlessness and the desire to disassemble seemingly obtuse and complex hierarchies in the Arts.

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