Mobility and its Discontents Mobility and its Discontents

Mobility and its Discontents

talking about 'International Mobility' at Hängo Teaterträff (online)

"The subject of conversation is certainly topical, yet it is hardly new, at least for many non-European citizens of the world, as well as the several historically marginalised, racialised, segregated, and oppressed communities.

For many individuals, groups and communities, the right to mobility has been a severely ‘restricted commodity’ and global mobility has never been a reality for the majority of the world. In fact, Achille Mbembe rightly calls international mobility “a surplus of luxury”.

Now with the COVID pandemic, mobility is a particularly ‘hot’ topic and a spoken issue precisely because it jeopardizes this “right” of the relatively rich(er) and elite."

– Ali Akbar Mehta, excerpt from talk

Hanko Theater meeting convenes its third meeting for the Finnish Stage-Art field on Monday 1.3 at. 10-13

The spring meeting continues on the same track as the Autumn and Winter meeting and is a chance for the entire Finnish Swedish Stage-Art field to think about structures, needs, dreams and how we reach them. The meeting is held via Zoom.

The topic of the third meeting is ′′International Mobility", a topic that may feel today, depending on the mood of mind, either utopistically or as a reminder of a past time. If we pass the pandemic, we still have a climate crisis that forces us to consider how we move in the world. What is needed to ensure healthy and sustainable international mobility? What does international cooperation mean for the Finnish Swedish theatre field and can we create structures that are right from the start? Maybe together we can step forward and think about what it might look like in the future.

Hanko Theater meeting’s third meeting for the theatre industry begins with a guest lecture by Sarah Vanhee, stage artist and writer based in Brussels, and ends with a lecture from a non-European perspective by artist, curator and researcher Ali Akbar Mehta from Museum of Impossible Forms.

The meeting includes work in small groups and we wish participants can join throughout the seminar. This invitation is for everyone in the Finnish Swedish theatre field and we hope that people from different sides and knowledge participate in the meeting - everyone from the free field to institutions, studying to the veterans of the field.

The meeting is financed by and made in collaboration with the Swedish Cultural Fund.