Immersion, 2016 Immersion, 2016

Immersion, 2016

ex-ADDLAB Space, Aalto University, Espoo, FI

Sonic, spatial and conceptual experiments.

Play the Space, Stupid!

Performance in Collaboration with Gabriela Gazova, Parsa Khamehkosh, Ragnar Rael, and Saša Nemec

Play the Space, Stupid! is a performance conceived to be of indeterminate length, that was performed in the ex-ADDLAB Space of Aalto University. The performance was held on the December 6, 2016, for a duration of 1 hour.

Through the performance, the artists collectively wished to state that the Space itself is a site for sensory engagement, and therefore “The Space is the Artwork”.

Through the process of defining the parameters of this performance, the artists explored methods of mapping the space by producing sound as a way to explore an alien space, where the sound is embedded in space, and space is extended through sound.

The Performance was open to public participation and was documented:

Additionally, a Database/ Archive of Space through sound was made through a series of 84 short videos. This archived exists on Instagram, here.