exhibition curated as part of Haihatus 25th Anniversary, Haihatus, Joutsa


HAIHATUS25 is part of Haihatus 25th Anniversary.

Preview: Saturday 15th of June, 11:00 onwards

Opening party: 18:00.to 5:00 am

Haihatus Art Center, located at Jousitie 68-70, Joutsa.

Curatorial text:

"What are the new ways of seeing and experiencing the world being shaped in our name, or that we are shaping for ourselves and others?

Artistic practice and research today are increasingly enmeshed in systems and ecologies. Collaboration and transdisciplinarity are key themes. What’s more, we now recognise that the major issues the world faces – the issues that really matter – are all systems issues. Systems are reshaping the world order, which today is based on disenfranchisement, necropolitical governments prioritising security and ‘management of risk’ over welfare, socio-political-legal architectures of control, technology-driven speed regimes, and borderization as processes of containment and regulation.

One system issue is how these techno-political regimes affect the world around us, and how we experience, understand, and learn from it. A micronarrative within the exhibition, a trajectory formed through works by Joss Allen, Sheung Yiu, Adnan Mirza, Bruno Moreschi and Bernado Fontes, seeks to subvert these effects. Together these four works present systems-critical techno-political narratives that foreground questions of histories, memory, home, reality, commodified value, extractivist capitalism, and ‘strategy of domination’, and seek to expand ways of collaborative and transdisciplinarity knowing."