A Cyber Archive of Questions A Cyber Archive of Questions

A Cyber Archive of Questions

in 'cohabitant/mutants', Restricted Fixations, issue 01, edited by Renuka Rajiv, independant publication

A Cyber Archive of Questions is an essay published in ‘cohabitant/mutants’, Restricted Fixations, issue one – an independent zine curated and edited by Renuka Rajiv.

Presented as a cyberpsychogeographical archive situated in and as a cluster of cyber relations, this text performs its own validation by actualising the possibilities of non-linear and cyclic time that are the relevant ‘features’ of a metadata-driven, hyperconnected archive that resides in cyberspace and uses a digital interface. Questions sustain a critical perspective of both praxes and research, and so if an archive has no end, this archive may be an ongoing process of archiving questions until the very end (of archives).

For a copy of the zine, please contact Renuka Rajiv here