Central Park Archives - workshops Central Park Archives - workshops

Central Park Archives - workshops

organised as part of residency w/ M-Cult at Maunula House, Helsinki

The Central Park Archives project organised two workshops, on 19.08.2020 and 01.09.2020 to introduce open source, and open content tools and practices for collaborative online publishing. Why and how to contribute to Wikipedia, Wikidata, OpenStreetMap, and other open projects, and how to use Creative Commons licenses to grant permission to share?

Using topics and materials from Central Park Archives as case examples in the workshop, participants learned to create new Wikipedia articles on related places, organisations, and natural phenomena. Both sessions ended with a short ‘clinic’ for the Central Park Archives, where participants were able to book private sessions with project team members for sharing their own collection with the archive. Participants are asked to bring their materials with them, for example on a memory stick or hard drive.


Central Park Archives workshop 19.8. & 1.9. 16:00-19:00
Maunula House, Metsäpuro hall, Metsäpurontie 4, Helsinki

Wed 19.8. 16:00-19:00
*Introduction to wiki tools, archive thinking, and the Central Park Archives
*What are the commons and how can we contribute?
*Central Park Archives clinic: small group sessions

Tue 1.9. 16:00-19:00
*Introduction to open mapping: OpenStreetMap, web mapping exercise
*Map services on the Central Park
*Central Park Archives clinic: small group sessions