Commonplaces and Entanglements VI

Research fellow with Center for Arts, Design and social Research (CAD S+R) at Villa Panchiani, Spoletto, IT

Cosmological Gardens, Encuentro IV: Cultivating Caring Cultures will consider “care ethics,” as both a position and an affective concern that demands innovative and sustained responses to the planetary crisis. How can human conduct and its effect on the more than human environment be rethought as an ontological project that requires multiple ways of knowing? How to center indigenous and decolonial thinking and other critical approaches, including new materialism? How might artistic strategies contribute to the long process of reinventing a collective imaginary? The seminars and workshop will address these and other questions through face-to-face and online dialogues with activist researchers from Italy, Palestine, China, and Senegal who share a commitment to relational and transversal methods that cut across contemporary art, architecture, and social and environmental science.