After School: Theira Commune After School: Theira Commune

After School: Theira Commune

Research fellow with Center for Arts, Dsign and Social Research (CAD+SR), at Tire, TR

The After School constitutes a deschooled educational space. It is an arts and research community that assembles diverse lived experiences and methods for ways of knowing and doing*,* founded on the creative power of difference—without hierarchy—as essential to effectively challenging the many forms of exploitation, extraction, and violence. The After School is an experiment in translocality that creates enduring links between places and communities through work that proposes new forms of solidarity and care.

The After School begins December 15, 2023, with an online meeting, andincludes two ten-day research residencies; in April 2024 in Tire, Turkey, and October 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.